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Families Behind Panakam - Tradition in a Bottle

These heritage families are part of the Panakam family bringing history to your dining table.


Chinmaya Arjun Raja & Family hail from the Kshatriya Raju Community of Rajapalayam, Tamil Nadu. Rajapalayam is located 85 km south of Madurai, and is famous for its mangoes. Chinmaya is a Chennai-based entrepreneur, home chef, curator of food & wine events, wine educator, French language trainer, and cultural activist. All the Rajapalayam based products under the Panakam umbrella are made at home and by hand by Chinmaya Arjun Raja and his mother, Smt. Prabavathi Arjun. Sourcing the mangoes from their farm and providing logistical support at Rajapalayam is done by Sri T.R. Dharmakrishna Raja and Smt. D. Vijayalakshmi.



Dr Madhuri Saripalle & Family are from the Saripalle & Vedula Family of Anakapalle and are Dravida Brahmins of northeast coastal Andhra Pradesh. Madhuri did her doctorate in economics from University of Connecticut in the United States and teaches at a business school in Andhra Pradesh. Inspired by the pickle-making abilities of her maternal grandmother, Smt. Jnanaprasoonamba, Madhuri always had a dream of bottling her family pickles. Madhuri and her mother, Smt. Manjula Saripalle, dedicate the Anakapalle range of pickles to her memory.


Join us at Panakam - Tradition in a Bottle

• Do you have a unique traditional food product in your family and community?
• Are you interested in bottling and sharing it with the rest of the world?
• Would you like to share in the profits by joining the Panakam- Tradition in a Bottle family?

We at Panakam – Tradition in a Bottle are always looking for other families with a traditional and unique vegetarian product with its roots in the culinary heritage of their community or region. Please do get in touch with us by email or mobile phone.