Panakam – Tradition in a Bottle’s Sundried and traditional Crispies called Vadam in Tamil and Uttidam in the Telugu dialect spoken in Rajapalayam, are made with Rice, Sago, Shallots, Green Chilly and other spices. These are made generally during the summer months as they have to be sun-dried and stored for a long shelf life. They have to be fried in oil to get the right texture and taste. They are perfect accompaniments to rice preparations and also a great snack by itself.
Handmade, Homemade and hygienically stored and packed by families following their culinary heritage since generations with no added preservatives, colours, flavours or taste enhancers.

Rajapalayam Shallots Vadam (chinna ullipayi Uttidam in Rajapalayam Raju’s Telugu dialect and chinna vengayam Vadam in Tamil) is a perfect crunchy accompaniment to various Rice preparations of South Indian Cuisine including Curd Rice.

This Vadam has 2 Options – With Garlic & Without Garlic

Shallots Vadam_1

Shallots, Green Chilli, Black Gram Dal, Jeera (Cumin), Curry leaves, Fenugreek and Salt.
Garlic is added in the “With Garlic” version of this Vadam.
Contains no added preservatives, taste enhancers, colours or flavours.

Best Before:
1 year from the date of packaging under ideal storage conditions.

Nutritional Information:
Will be updated shortly

Usage Instructions:
Shallots Vadams have to be fried in oil to get the right texture and taste. They are perfect accompaniments to various South Indian rice preparations and can also be used as a great snack by itself. They are best when paired with a Hot Sambar Rice, Rasam rice or Curd Rice. This Shallots Vadam can also be mixed with Hot Steamed Rice with ghee.

Storage & Precautions:
Store in a dry place. Please store in an airtight container. Please do not Refrigerate.
You can dry it once in a while under sunlight to prevent any formation of moisture.

Present Availability – Limited Stock
This Crispies/Vadam will be available anytime of the year except in the months of March, April, May and June and depending on the stocks.
Bulk Order: If you need to Order in Bulk, you have to pay and reserve them before the month of March and delivery can be done after the month of June. Processing and Sun-Drying of this vadam is an elaborate affair. Please contact us for more details.

Shipment Time:
2-3 days for dispatch from the date of Order Confirmation subject to stock availability. We have
partnered with a reputed logistics partner and we deliver across India to all metros and certain non-metro cities as well.

Packaging & Shipping Cost:
We use only Glass Jars/Bottles for most of our products. The products are carefully packed for safe delivery and the packaging charge is included in the total cost of the product.

The Cost of the Product is exclusive of Shipping Charges. Shipping Charges will be automatically calculated according to the total weight of the order and shown during Checkout.

Delivery Time:
4-7 days for delivery to Metro cities and 7-15 working days for Non-Metro destinations. Delivery by Road.

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Family behind this Vadam experience:
This traditional Crispies/Vadams has been especially handmade by Prabavathi Arjun Raja & her extended family from Rajapalayam. For more information on the family food artisans please read the FAMILY MADE page.