Panakam ProjectCelebrating The Diverse Gastronomic Tradition Of India

1). At Panakam, we research, document and disseminate various traditional Indian foods and their history, especially South Indian Vegetarian food products unique to different communities and traditions. Such offerings are handmade and homemade by selected families who still follow recipes passed down through the generations using fresh, local produce without any artificial preservatives, flavours, colours, taste enhancers or additives.

2). We promote unique food products and involve the food artisan families representing their community’s culinary heritage by organising Culinary Heritage Travels, Workshops/Curated Culinary Conversations, Food Festivals/Fairs, and Pop-Ups all over India and abroad to promote the diverse gastronomic tradition of India, especially the Traditional vegetarian Micro Cuisines and Micro Terroir products of South India through The Panakam Kitchen – Culinary Conversations.

3). We encourage the younger generations of artisan families to promote their culinary heritage, which is either fast disappearing or losing its relevance and soul due to standardisation of tastes, ingredients and techniques; overuse of spices and preservatives; dependence on readymade and processed food; lack of interest and patience in cooking at home due to the practical issues faced in the modern fast food world.

4). We publish traditional vegetarian recipes through books and online portals in various Indian and foreign languages.

5). We involve various Government agencies and corporates, the hospitality industry, educational institutions, NGOs, and the public to promote the rich and diverse micro cuisines of India.