Fresh Mango Ginger Pickle

Seasonal Fresh Pickles

Fresh Seasonal Pickles handmade, homemade & hygienically bottled by families using fresh local produce and quality ingredients with no added preservatives, colour, flavours or taste enhancers. These Pickles have to be refrigerated and cannot be stored for a long time. These pickles are limited in quantity and available only during the season.

Mango Ginger (Manga Inji in Tamil) Pickle is a spicy and tangy pickle made with freshly cut pieces of Mango Ginger mixed with fine spices, oil and other ingredients. The Mango Ginger Rhizome is very similar to Ginger but has a unique raw mango taste. It is part of the Ginger family but is closely related to Turmeric. It is a versatile accompaniment to many South Indian tiffin and rice preparations as well as North Indian dishes. It can be used as an Ingredient in many World Cuisine preparations to give a tinge of Mango and Ginger Flavour. This Pickle is part of the Seasonal Fresh Pickle offerings from Panakam-Tradition in a Bottle.

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Finely cut Mango Ginger Rhizome pieces, Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil, Fenugreek, Mustard, Red Chilly, Turmeric, Asafoetida, Salt and Condiments.
Contains no added preservatives, taste enhancers, colours or flavours.
No Vinegar or Acetic Acid used in any of our pickles.

2 months from the date of packaging under ideal storage conditions.

Nutritional Information:
Will be updated shortly

Usage Instructions:
This Fresh Mango Ginger Pickle can be had with any South Indian tiffins or Rice preparations. It goes very well with Curd Rice. It can also be excellent for a spicy Tartine – spread it on a toast or a French Baguette; use it in any sandwich or Burger for a mild tangy mango flavour or mix it with a sauce or chutney to go with any world cuisine. It can be used a good substitute to Mango in many dishes. It can also be mixed with Sambar, Rasam or other preparations for its unique flavour.

Storage & Precautions:
Please Refrigerate this pickle at all times – both before and after opening the Jar/Bottle. This is not a sun-dried pickle and we do not use any sort of preservatives. It needs compulsory Refrigeration.
Always use a clean and completely dry spoon. Consume pickles in moderation.

Always use a clean and completely dry spoon. Consume pickles in moderation.

Present Availability – In Stock
This Mango Ginger Pickle will be available between the months of September and February. Please check with us for availability during the other months.

Shipment Time:
2-3 days for dispatch from the date of Order Confirmation subject to stock availability. We have
partnered with a reputed logistics partner and we deliver across India to all metros and certain non-metro cities as well.

Packaging & Shipping Cost:
We use only Glass Jars/Bottles for most of our products. The products are carefully packed for safe delivery and the packaging charge is included in the total cost of the product.

The Cost of the Product is exclusive of Shipping Charges. Shipping Charges will be automatically calculated according to the total weight of the order and shown during Checkout.

Delivery Time:
4-7 days for delivery to Metro cities and 7-15 working days for Non-Metro destinations.Delivery by Road.

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Family behind this Pickle experience:
This traditional pickle has been especially handmade by Chinmaya Arjun Raja and his mother Prabavathi Arjun Raja from Rajapalayam. For more information on the family food artisans please read the FAMILY MADE page.