“The Panakam Kitchen – Culinary Conversations” is our outreach event activity. We organise our exclusive South Indian Vegetarian Lunch & Dinner (traditional and contemporary) at the houses of selected Home Chefs and Food Artisans in Chennai and a few other selected cities/towns.

As a guest at these paid events, you will get to partake a 6 to 12 course meal and interact with the home chefs and their family – and also other food connoisseurs – for an insightful journey into a slice of the culinary heritage of India. Guests are limited to 6 to 12 persons to enable maximum interaction.

Members of The Panakam Kitchen will be sent invitations and other details as and when the date, time, location and cuisine are decided. Invitations will also be posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) but members will receive priority due to the limited number of seats available.

To book a seat and know the cost details, please contact us by email or Facebook, or call us. We also do group bookings and take special requests (only vegetarian, though).

Rajapalayam Vegetarian Cuisine & Anakapalle Vegetarian Cuisine
At present, the Panakam Kitchen offers either a Rajapalayam Cuisine or an Anakapalle Cuisine based meal, or a mix of both cuisines, at the home of Chinmaya Arjun Raja, Founder of “Panakam – Tradition in a Bottle” in Chennai or Rajapalayam. The Rajapalayam lunch or dinner will be cooked by Chinmaya Arjun Raja and his mother, Smt. Prabavathi Arjun. The Anakapalle lunch or dinner will be cooked by Chinmaya Arjun Raja, Madhuri Saripalle & her mother Smt Manjula Saripalle.

The Panakam Kitchen also travels to other cities in India for an exclusive Vegetarian Cuisine Pop-Up lunch or dinner based on both Rajapalayam and Anakapalle cuisines. All we need from you is a 2-month notice to arrange a suitable date and venue and organise the event.

Tasting Journeys (Traditional and Contemporary)
We arrange exclusive Traditional or Contemporary South Indian Vegetarian lunch or dinner Tasting Menus paired with Indian & International wines selected and matched by Chinmaya Arjun Raja, a noted wine trainer and educator, in association with “Tasting Pleasures – A Gastronomic Tasting programme.”

We also organise similar events based on other regional cuisines of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

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Culinary Training & Workshops

For our more involved guests, we organise Culinary Training & Workshops with home chefs and families as a next step in your culinary heritage journey.

  • The duration of the training can be between 3 hours to a week depending on the need, purpose, location and time.
  • It can be organised in Chennai or any other metro in India depending on the demand.
  • To book a suitable date and location, and know the cost details, please contact us by email, Facebook, or call us.